Nuovo's Origins

Randy and Jennie,  the founders of Whisper Hill and creators of Nuovo Body, come from Italian roots.  Jennie’s grandparents,  Leo and Lena Pagano, Pietro and Beatrice Campanale, grew up in the south of Italy, on the Gargano Peninsula and near Bari.  Randy’s grandfather,  Nello Rizzo's family, came from Sicily.  Because of this, they both grew up with the foods and culture of Italy.  Randy, from an early age, gravitated to cooking and became an accomplished chef, cooking in some of the finest restaurants in the US.  In producing the Nouvo Body line he draws a lot of his inspiration from his career as a chef as well as from his Italian roots. Jennie has been a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist since 1990, incorporating both Reiki and aromatherapy training in her practice.  When she traveled to southern Italy and Tuscany, she felt deeply connected to and inspired by the culture and products produced for centuries-  from olive oil, to fine wines, cheeses and pastas, as well as botanical products made from indigenous plants, such as, bergamot, lavender, olives and lemongrass.  It is their individual experience as well as this culture, natural geography and plant life indigenous to Italy that inspire the products and name of this skin care and spa line.  Nuovo- means “new”, “fresh”-, Body.  It's the simplest way to describe the purpose of the line,  produced with passion and a desire to make a difference in the world in thier own creative way, with this nearly 100% natural line of products.